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As some of you may have already noticed, a significant renovation has been undertaken on the fourth hole of the north course. As a result of the incredible amounts of rain we received this spring, the pond on 4 North had risen far beyond what could be considered a “comfortable” level. Because of this, the turf, mainly the approach and greens surrounds, had suffered some damage from being under water for so long.

To solve this problem we decided to take an aggressive approach to the situation. We have made an extensive drain line for the pond using 10 inch PVC drain pipe that ranges all the way from under the 3rd hole tee complex to the far side of 15 north. This will insure that the pond never reaches such an intolerable height again. We have also began to restructure and resurface the 4th approach, greens surrounds and bunker surrounds. The grounds crew renovated the two right side bunkers and also created a new shallow bunker which will be in front of the green on the left side. Drainage lines will be installed in the bunkers and liners will be put in to make sure that the bunkers are in top condition for a very long time. Later on this week we will be sodding the entire newly renovated area.

During work hours a temporary green will be in effect to allow for quick and efficient work to be done on the area and after work hours the green will be re-opened with a free drop available should you hit into any unplayable areas. We will keep you up to date with all progress this week regarding this project and will soon be putting up pictures detailing the process from start to finish. We thank you for your cooperation while we work hard to bring you a beautiful new greens complex.

~Andrew P. Lanigan, Turf Intern~


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