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Custom Landscape Trailer

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One of our projects in the shop this winter was to build a custom landscape trailer that would hold everything the crew might need when trimming bunker edges, greens surrounds, trees, railroad ties, etc.  The base for this project was a 4’x5′ trailer purchased from Harbor Freight.  From here, we started the process of tailoring the trailer to our specific needs.

First, we switched out the tires/wheels to net a lower center of gravity and lessen the angle of the tailgate ramp.  Next, we extended the tailgate by 24″ to further lessen the angle of the tailgate ramp:

From there, we covered the deck in 3/4″ plywood and began building mounts for the assorted tools and equipment that the trailer would service.  The backpack blowers were mounted with bars through the cavity between the blower and carriage:

The string trimmers were mounted to upright posts and clipped in with carabiners to ensure they would not fall off of the trailer.  As an added safety measure, we installed fail-safe wire in the event that the carabiner or plastic on the string trimmer broke:

Alongside the string trimmer, we mounted a 5 lb spool of string along with a trimmer line cutter:

For the hand tools, we used the plasma cutter to cut holes in flat stock, which was then mounted to upright bars (along with mounts for the backpack blower chutes):







All of the welds were cleaned up and smoothed out, and the bare metal was painted to match:

The last addition will be two gas cans mounted on the tongue (mix and regular gas):





If you see the crew using this trailer out on the course, feel free to drop in and take a look at it!

-Justin Parker, Equipment Manager


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