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The Shop gets a Lift!

Having the right tools certainly makes any job go easier and quicker (and often times much safer).  Here in the shop, we’re constantly hoisting machines up, trying to squeeze underneath, or bending down to adjust reels.  To our excitement, a Golf Lift GL9  9000lb turf lift was worked into the budget for this season.  This lift is designed specifically for the turf industry, with a pan that spans two of the lift arms to accomodate three-wheeled equipment.

It was a very tight fit in our shop, with less than 0.25″ to the beam above the top of the lift post.

The lift definitely gives us easier access to the underside of our machines.

It has even provided more storage in the shop overnight with all of the Managers’ utility carts parked in the shop.

-Justin Parker, Equipment Manager


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