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Well maybe Punxsutawney Phil was on to something with this whole shadow thing. I’m not sure there has ever been a more abrupt changing of the seasons in my lifetime. Six more weeks of winter you say Mr. Groundhog? No problem. Just like clockwork once the thrid week of March rolled around somebody flipped a switch and it was Spring all of a sudden. It’s been a wild few weeks recently having gone from the last snow storms of winter, to torrential rains that one co-worker fittingly described as “biblical.” With the waters receding and the course recuperating from being water-boarded by mother nature we find ourselves enjoying a beautiful 70 degree sunny day. With clear skies and warm weather forecasted for the weekend its perfect weather for golfing.

All this week the crew has been recovering from the rains. Fixing bunkers, cleaning up brush, and preparing the South Course to be cart-friendly once again, it has been all hands on deck for the small spring crew to get everything ready for the wave of eager golfers looking to get out on the course. Today the crew made a great push prepping the North Course for play. Water still remains from the weekend storms but as of late this afternoon the North Course is officially ready to go. Come tomorrow morning golfers will once again be able to choose between North and South courses. While the South is now officially cart-friendly the North will be walking only until further notice so that the turf may get a chance to dry out and heal without interruption. Holes have been cleaned off and foot bridges have been put in place to accommodate golfers until all of the water recedes.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and one thing is for sure, if the weather is nice and the ground is clear then the golfers will come. In the blink of an eye spring has sprung and it’s officially golfing season. Starting tomorrow morning all 36 holes of Stow Acres Country club will be open and all are welcome.

-Andrew Lanigan




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