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In addition to not only being an industry that is dictated by the seasons, the golf course industry is one that is highly influenced by a much younger work force than you would see in most other industries. Aside from the core management staff, there is only a handful of workers that work in the earlier part of the season mainly from early March to mid May. The same can be said for later on the season, particularly after September and into the end of the season. While the youthful work force is good in a sense that it helps develop knowledgeable and dedicated workers later on in life for those that decide to remain in the industry, it is also somewhat of a handcuff on what the staff can accomplish when it’s working with small numbers.

Every spring is a bit of a struggle to get the course in shape for the busy summer months. However now that college semester is wrapping up and soon high schools will be closing up shop for summer break, we find ourselves with a quick and very welcome increase in staff members. The early spring staff has gotten the big things out of the way such as spring aeration, course cleanup/setup, and developing a mowing schedule. With these things out of the way and a beefed up staff at our disposal we can now focus on the smaller things so that we may bring you, the golfer, the best possible golf atmosphere available. Tasks that we may have struggling to get done with a smaller crew will now will done on a regular basis.

You can expect all areas of the course to be mowed often as part of our full-time summer mowing schedule. Detail work such as weed-whacking, course cleanup, and bunker maintenance is also now on a much more routine schedule. We will also be partaking in a few course improvement projects. Bunkers are having sand added at an aggressive pace now and our senior horticulturist, John Gibson will be adding mulch to needed areas as well as exercising his green thumb in an effort to perk up both courses with some plants and flowers. The renovation on 4 North is now fully complete and the previously bare areas next to the 6th green and behind the 7th green have been hydroseeded. The staff is working hard and projects are being completed in rapid succession. We are striving to bring golfers the best possible conditions for what will hopefully be a beautiful sunny summer. We look forward to seeing you out there.

~Andrew P. Lanigan, Turf Intern~


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