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Projects For The Fall…

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Even though most of the crew has wrapped up their summer and headed back to school the remaining crew is still working hard to bring premium course conditions to you for the remainder of the season. The crew may be smaller now but there is no  shortage of work to be done this fall. With the long periods of high heat and seemingly endless stretches of time without rain, the courses were certainly put through their fair share of stress. Now that temperatures are beginning to gradually decline and growing conditions are becoming more favorable, we can start various projects to improve the aesthetics, playability and overall health of the course. Tree removal projects are planned to 12 and 13 North. Greens aeration, selective fairway and tee aeration, and a healthy amount of overseeding is planned for both courses.

Here’s a list of what’s on tap for the fall season at Stow Acres Maintenance:

October 4th & 5th- North Course Greens Aeration

October 18th & 19th- South Course Greens Aeration

Late September through October- Extensive Tree Removal( 12 + 13 North) Green Surrounds

Late September through October- Fairway Overseeding and Selective Aeration

Mid September through November- Transition Area Cleaning and Renovation

The below video shows Harris carefully cutting a tree down behind the shop.


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